Our Car Washers

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Our Mobile Car Washers have all been hand selected and interviewed in person by the Relax and Order leadership team.  As former luxury hoteliers, we have interviewed them to exacting hospitality standards.

Our Mobile Car Washers are the best in the area. Painstaking attention to detail is the norm. Relax and Order Mobile Car Washers will perform these upscale services and more:

Value Wash


Per Vehicle

Exterior care to refresh the look of your car.  Premium hand wash & dry, exterior window cleaning, door jams, wheels, tire shine.  Completely superior to any drive through or ‘quick wash’ scenario.  Let us pamper your vehicle!



Per Vehicle

Premium hand wash & dry.  Polish to revitalize paint and eliminate swirls, interior cleaning (vacuum, dash, console, plastics wiped down, air vents, floor mats, etc.), windows cleaned inside and out, door jambs cleaned, wheels & wheel wells cleaned, tire shine, and more.  Prepare to be floored by the results!

Platinum Package


Per Vehicle

Premium hand wash & dry, Carnauba wax, clay bar paint correction, polish to revitalize paint and eliminate swirls, brilliance glaze applied, interior cleaning (vacuum, dash, console, plastics wiped down, cup holders, air vents, etc.), clean & condition seats, carpet & floor mats shampooed, windows cleaned inside and out, rain repellent and sealant on exterior windows, door jambs cleaned, wheels and wheel wells cleaned, trunk cleaned, tire shine, and so much more.  If you’re looking to impress, this will do the job – guaranteed!

Relax and Order a Mobile Car Washer – Get showroom quality results in your driveway!

Enjoy your time at home and let us wash and detail your vehicles.  Our Mobile Car Washers have been trained by the best and know how to safely make your vehicles glisten.

How to order a Mobile Car Washer – step by step

  1. Download and signup for our free app from the above locations on your Smartphone.
  2. Tap that you’d like to order a car wash or detail to occur at your home. Our Mobile Carwash Vendors are the best in any area. They all have professional training and can wash. Detail, wax, claybar and polish any car, SUV, motorcycle, boat, airplane or R.V. Not to mention, they can do it in your driveway and allow you to use your time for what you WANT to do.
  3. Select when you want the car wash to occur. FYI. Our mobile Car Wash vendors are setup to provide their own water in case you are in a well area. Our Car Wash vendors only use the most gentle conditioners, shampoos, polishes and waxes. We carefully tent your vehicles to keep them out of the sun while we work.
  4. Ping vendors. This means all Relax and Order approved Carwash Vendors will be notified that you would like a car wash or detail. As they state that they are available for the time requested, they will pop up on your phone for you to select from.
  5. Select which Car Washer you would like to use. You can peruse all of the available Car Washer pages. These pages list the Tech’s qualifications, bio and menu.
  6. Order your Car Washer. Now that you’ve decided which Car Washer you would like to use for your order, you can order them. You’ll be able to select your type of car wash, detail, wax, polish, etc. Add-ons including leather conditioner, interior detail and clay bar will be available. You’ll also be able to select the quantity of vehicles and various sizes.
  7. Relax and await the car wash. They’ll take it from here.
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