Our Massage & Spa Therapists

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Our licensed Massage Therapists are the best in the area, they have been hand selected and interviewed in person by the Relax and Order leadership team.  As former luxury hoteliers, we have interviewed them to exacting hospitality standards.  They provide a myriad of massage styles of both relaxation and therapeutic.  All of our Massage Therapists bring all of their own supplies.  Massage styles include:



Per Session

Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic.  Our Massage Therapists can do it all.  The ultimate in relaxation, in your own home.



Per Session

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, which feels great, and leaves you with an all-over glow every time.

Relax and Order a Massage Therapist – Enjoy the ultimate spa at home experience!

Where are you more relaxed than in your own home?  Let our upscale licensed mobile Massage Therapists come and massage you and give you a rejuvenating facial in your own home or pool area.  Therapeutic or for just relaxation, our vendors are resort-caliber trained and the best in the business.  Why kick and scream when you can simply Relax and Order?

How to order a Massage Therapist – step by step

  1. Download and signup for our free app from the above or below locations on your Smartphone.
  2. Tap that you’d like to order a massage to occur in your home. All of our Massage Therapists are licensed and interviewed to our exacting standards.
  3. Select when you want the massage to occur. FYI. Our Massage Therapists bring all their own supplies including table, oil, towels and robes.
  4. Ping vendors. This means all Relax and Order approved Massage Therapists will be notified that you would like a massage. As they state that they are available for the time requested, they will pop up on your phone.
  5. Select which Massage Therapist you would like to use. We carry all of the popular styles in both relaxation and therapeutic. You can peruse all of the available Massage Therapists’ vendor pages. These pages list the Tech’s qualifications, bio and menu.
  6. Order massage. Now that you’ve decided which Massage Tech you would like to use for your order, you can order them. You’ll be able to select what type of massage and the duration.
  7. Relax and await the Massage Therapist. They’ll take it from here.
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